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[ANN] FoxTrot Search 7.1b2 available for public testing [message #1240] Thu, 01 July 2021 22:51
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Dear FoxTrot list members,

After several months of under-the-hood work and stringent in-house testing, we are please to announce the public beta release of version 7.1 (7.1b2), to which you will find the download links below:
Professional Personal Server

FoxTrot 7.1b2 release notes (from 7.0.4):

Indexing improvements

- More non-roman languages can now be indexed (Unicode version 13).
- Symbol characters (e.g. #, %, &, @, §, ¶, $, €, ₿, ©, °, ±, ×, ℀, ™, ℘, ↖, ↠, ⇋, ∂, ⌀ etc) and emojis can now be indexed.
- Very large plain text files (larger than 10 MB) can now be indexed entirely. A hidden preference (enabled using has been added to enable this feature (replace {n} by the maximum size to index, in megabytes): defaults write com.ctmdev.FoxTrotShared PlainTextFileLimitMB -int {n}
- The default text encoding (a.k.a. character set) to use for plain text files that do not have any encoding hint (neither a Unicode Byte Order Mark, nor a extended attribute) can now be set using a hidden preference (enabled using, replace {encodings} by a comma-separated list en encodings to try, e.g. utf-8,windows-1252,macintosh): defaults write com.ctmdev.FoxTrotShared PlainTextPreferredEncodings ‘{encodings}’

Search improvements
The location categorizer can now use a multi-column table, instead of a list with disclosable subfolders.

User interface improvements
- The scrollbar of previewed documents now shows a tick mark for each occurrence of a searched word; command-click on a tick mark scrolls to the exact occurrence location; shift-click on the scrollbar scrolls to the next or previous occurrence.
- Font size can now be customized for the left pane (search sources and categorizer) and the result list.
Added a preference to use criteria from the "system menu" search template, instead of the last used criteria, for new searches.

Bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements
- On macOS 11.4, a message could appear to suggest granting FoxTrot "full disk access" even when such access had already been granted.
- On Apple Silicon Macs, pre-building the thumbnails for every found files (in thumbnails view mode) could hang.
- Using [contains the regular expression] advanced filter to find a possibly empty content or metadata attribute (e.g. ^.{0,100}$ in order to find a string whose length is between 0 and 100 characters) would fail to find empty strings.
- Using an advanced filter to find documents whose content is exactly, or ends with, a given string was not functioning properly.
- Hidden preferences can now be set using the com.ctmdev.foxtrotshared domain, so they apply indifferently to FoxTrot Personal, Professional or Server.
- The “DEVONthink 3 Storage” predefined location has been updated.
- Additional overall stability improvements.

Important notes
- FoxTrot 7 is a paid upgrade for users of version 6 and earlier (free upgrade if you bought FoxTrot after March 1st, 2020). To download the demo of FoxTrot version 7 without replacing your current version, please visit
- Note to version 6 users: version 6.6.5 (see below) has been released after the release date of version 7, hence the software update mechanism will not prompt you to install it. If you do not wish to upgrade to version 7 yet, please download and manually install version 6.6.5 from
New minimum requirements for version 7: macOS 10.12 Sierra or later.

Kindly supply us with feedback on this group or in an application-generated support case.

Thank you in advance.
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