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Pro sharing dies after some time [message #1454] Sat, 11 June 2022 16:05 Go to next message
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Hi there,

I'm currently testing the 5 user pro version. We use one mac that nobody uses as "Server". That computer did index all contents of our NAS file server and is configured to share the index over the local network.
On my Mac I can see and connect to the shared index. Both computers run version 7.1.3 as both can not run OS versions > 10.13.
After some time when I want to do another search, the remote index is gone together with the remote source. Only my local index is displayed. The remote computer is still running (FTP as well) and nobody did anything on that machine. I've tried the "connect to server" thing, but it does not work either. As I can remove false servers by right-clicking on the server and select remove, I can not do that for the shared index computer, so the sharing thing probably is something completely different as the server connection, I guess.
When I reboot my machine, the remote index is back. When I reboot the remote machine the index shows up again on my computer as well.
When I restart FTP on my machine and also restart the service (com.ctmdev.foxtrot.prostarter) before that, nothing changes. The Index is still gone.
When I restart FTP + service on the remote machine, the index will show up again on my machine. I've enabled Bonjour Shared Index logging on both machines
defaults write com.ctmdev.FoxTrotShared LogNetworkServices -bool YES
but do not get any messages in the console (at all).
Right now my workaround is having a remote script restarting FTP (plus service) on the remote machine every time the index is gone on mine.
It's better than restarting my machine over and over but also not a great solution.
Can anybody help? Is this a known problem of v7.1.3?

Thx for your support.
Best regards, Rado
Re: Pro sharing dies after some time [message #1455 is a reply to message #1454] Tue, 14 June 2022 12:27 Go to previous message
FoxTrot Engineering
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"connect to server" can only be used to connect to an index shared from FoxTrot Server (as opposed to FoxTrot Pro 5-user) outside of your local network (if the Server is in the local network, it should appear automatically in the "search sources" list).

Likewise, "remove server" removes a server to which you connected manually; servers (or indices shared from FoxTrot Pro 5-user) found on your local network should disappear automatically when they are no longer running, or when you are no longer connected to this local network.

Servers (or indices shared from FoxTrot Pro 5-user) should be discovered on the local network via Bonjour, and it seems this does not work as expected in your situation.

The LogNetworkServices setting could help to figure out the problem. Not sure why these log messages are no longer shown in in recent macOS versions. You can probably use the log command in, but I am not sure how.

The easiest way to see these log messages, once the LogNetworkServices setting has been set, is to launch FoxTrot Pro from a window:
"/Applications/FoxTrot Professional Professional Search"
Then the log message should appear in this window.

You can also use Discovery to see which services can be discovered using Bonjour.

Do you have other shared services on the same machine (file sharing, screen sharing etc)? If so, do these service still appear in Discovery, and in the Finder?

Jérôme - FoxTrot Engineering
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