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foxtrot-search - Google Groups: Message Pending [{IJjEsoiu5uL2QyoCcWEwAKASuoXyFXu_0}] [message #190] Thu, 12 June 2014 14:05
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I agree with Merley and hope you’ll seriously consider this request.



Mark R Friedman
2 Decker Rd, Ossining, NY 10562
(914) 762-7689

On Jun 12, 2014, at 5:35 AM, Merley Steven wrote:

> Very nice but as a long time user, what will it take to get you guys to add a Services menu item instead of the (for me) useless menu bar search?
> Just a friendly and long-standing request….seems like a no brainer
> On Jun 12, 2014, at 11:28 AM, CTM Development wrote:
>> Dear FoxTrot Search group members,
>> Thanks to our kind users who committed precious time to testing recently, we are now pleased to present all members of the FoxTrot-discuss group with an opportunity to get an early start on using version 5.
>> Please find below the newest 5.0b5 public beta, build 1250 download links:
>> FoxTrot Professional Search: 50b5.dmg
>> FoxTrot Search Server: er_50b5.dmg
>> FoxTrot Personal Search: _50b5.dmg
>> Release notes are below.
>> Two particular areas of interest in testing please: the enhanced uploading methods for iOS index archives; and the in-app upgrade mechanism to version 5. Thank you for your priority reports on these aspects; in advance, we appreciate your time,
>> Kind regards,
>> the FoxTrot team
>> at CTM Development
>> ——
>> What's new in build 1250:
>> new features:
>> - iOS sync improvements: you can now automate the upload of indices to a server, where FoxTrot Attaché Search for iOS will download them
>> - when using the multi-column result list, some columns can now be removed using the contextual menu
>> fixes:
>> - rebuilding all indices at startup is now performed more efficiently, whenever the number of indices is higher than the number of CPU cores
>> - some potential crashes fixed
>> - expiry date of this build now set to July 13th, 2014
>> What was new in build 1244:
>> new feature:
>> - added a button to the toolbar to toggle whether the popover preview of documents is enabled or not
>> fixes:
>> - fixed a layout issue in the “traditional” pane layout
>> - fixed a crash case when several FoxTrot menus were visible
>> - corrected a search template bug where dates were not taken into account
>> - fixed a number of bugs mentioned by our respected testers - thank you for this
>> - expiry date of this build now set to end of june
>> What was new in build 1237:
>> - [from 5.0b2] some found words were not highlighted in PDF documents containing NULL characters
>> - prompt again the user for sending anonymous profile during version checking, and include the serial number in the profile
>> - several potential crashes fixed reported by Mark F. (thank you)
>> What's new in version 5:
>> - Full support for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks tags:
>> - multiple color badges displayed in the result list
>> - list of tags displayed in the preview header
>> - you can assign tags to one or multiple selected found files [pro]
>> - Ability to earch in a specific folder
>> - Thumbnail popover in list of found items
>> - New thumbnail sheet (contact sheet) result view
>> - system menu and AppleScript improvements
>> - search using specific template
>> - search in a specific folder
>> - Action menu on one or multiple selected found files [pro]
>> - move to trash
>> - move to folder
>> - rename
>> - reindex
>> - New toolbar icon to toggle screen layout
>> - Multiple thumbnail previews when selecting multiple found files
>> - When selecting multiple tags in the categorization pane, added a button to toggle between "all selected tags" and "any selected tag"
>> - Finder comments and tags are now indexed for all document types, and not only those for which a spotlight metadata importer exists
>> - Accelerated performance when previewing the same found file multiple times, i.e.large PDF files
>> - Fixed error 999 when permission problems in /Library/Caches or /Library/Caches/TemporaryPublicItems and files inside it
>> - Improved UI for iOS sync
>> - Added Retina icons
>> - requires 10.7.x or higher
>> What we are seeking:
>> We are looking for constructive input toward releasing version 5 of our products from dedicated users who will enjoy the improved product earlier than others. FoxTrot 5 has been heavily tested internally, we are now offering our customers a chance to contribute their feedback to the development team directly and to the FoxTrot Discussions group.
>> --
>> ---
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