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Attaché Feedback [message #82] Thu, 26 July 2012 15:08
Liam Hemmings
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Registered: July 2012
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I am not a a technically literate user of Foxtrot Pro (FP), so all my
comments below, on Attaché (FA) are from the perspective of a lay user who
uses FP daily, but perhaps not to its fullest extent. I am a lawyer and I
use FP to help me organise and find documents and emails. FP is

Why would I want, or what might I expect from an FA app? To access a
limited version of FP on my iPhone such that I can identify the location,
type and numbers of documents that are the subject of a search. With all
that in mind:

1. Index on my iMac contains about 419,000 documents, is sized at 487MB and
has a document content store of 171 MB
2. Install (iPhone 4S 64GB): painless.
3. App lozenge needs to be renamed as all I see is "FoxTr...taché"
4. Searching: incredibly fast, faster than my iMac.
5. Search results:
a. Total number of total results returned not displayed. Would be useful
to have this total.
b. Running a parallel search on my iMac returns what I would guess to be
the same number of results.
c. I can read the text of all documents returned as part of my search.
This is much more than I would have expected. Especially in the case of
.pdf files. Remarkable.
d. Would be a bonus if results could be ordered by file type.
e. Would be a bonus if the file path was displayed (or displayed where I
can find it).
f. The ability to scroll through the instances of the search term in a
document is very good, as is the summary of what appear to be found under
the bookmark icon (?).

Overall impressions: truly excellent work. If I were greedy what would I
ask for:

1. Ability to save search results.
2. Ability to email, say portions or all of the returned text from within
the application.
3. Ability to order search results by file type or perhaps to exclude file
types from a search or search results.

Well done.

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