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Feature Request: Ability to Export Bookmarks (and Bookmarked Documents). [message #840] Mon, 28 January 2019 22:30
Mark O
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Registered: January 2019
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FoxTrot Search is absolutely brilliant at helping me comb through thousands
of files on my computer to find documents that are of particular relevance
to my current research projects. I appreciate being able to "bookmark",
because often it does take some time to examine the relevant documents in
closer detail.

However, aside from simply opening up these documents once again in FoxTrot
Search, I would love very much to be able to "export" a copy of the
documents, for example, into a new folder on my Desktop.

At the very least, I wish I could export a textfile listing the filepaths
of the documents themselves. I know this information is stored in a file in
the user's library preferences: com.ctmdev.FoxTrotPro.prefs.

For those who are more tech savy than I, I imagine it isn't too difficult
to parse this prefs/xml file. If I could make a request, it would be to
extend the bookmarking features of Foxtrot to allow users more flexibility
in determining what to do with bookmarked documents but also the bookmark
lists themselves.

Actually, being able to backup the full results of a given search would be
awesome too!

Thank you so much for this amazing piece of software.
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