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Using a keyboard with Foxtrot Attaché ? [message #749] Sun, 27 May 2018 10:05
Joel Anderson
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Registered: June 2017
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There is so much about FoxTrot products that is impressive – amazing even.
And then there are so many details that are just so frustrating.

Case in point: I can't get a keyboard to work for navigating FoxTrot
Attaché – not even arrow keys to move through the search results. This
seems to be an absolute minimum requirement.

Here's what I'd like to see, and this seems like a "use case" that would
interest a lot of people:

1. *Start a new search*: press *⌘F* and the cursor moves to the search
2. *Modify search criteria*: press *⌘M* and the "Criteria" window opens,
allowing me to use the arrows and spacebar to move through and select
options. (Multiple indexes in a search, please!)
3. Return to the search window with *⌘F*
4. *Select search result to review*: use the arrow keys to scroll down
through the list, and* ⌘↓* or* ⌘↑* to jump a screen.
5. *Shift the focus to a search result window*: press *⌘→* to move into
the entry.
6. *Find text in the entry*: there are several possibilities here, like
*⌘⌥F* to search in the entry would be great, also a way to go to the Next
and Previous to move through the search term within the entry.
7.* Select text*: using standard Apple shortcuts, like *⇧⌥→* to "select
one word forward" or ⇧⌥↓ to "select one line down"
8. *Copy text* to send to another by pressing *⌘C* - this works already!
(I'd love to see a "Share…" shortcut, allow me to send the selected text
to other apps.)

This is the first time I've come across an app that seems to block the
standard navigation. I hope this can be fixed soon!



P.S. Some of these items aren't even implemented in the Mac app; keyboard
shortcuts there would make things much faster too!


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