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[ANN] FoxTrot Professional, Personal and Server versions 4.0 private beta 2 [message #70] Mon, 12 December 2011 19:01
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Please note the release of version FoxTrot Professional, Personal and
Server versions 4.0b2 private beta, Find out more, and download to
evaluate for free during 30 days (60 days for the server):

FoxTrot Professional Search:

FoxTrot Search Server:

FoxTrot Personal Search:

We are seeking your constructive feedback on the 4.0b2 builds, which has extensively been tested in house before release, in order to move ahead.

Please post your findings to the lists or e-mail them directly to us.

On behalf of the whole team, thank you for your support and kind regards,

Chantal Favre
CTM Development SA

Release notes

All products:

Note: FoxTrot 4 will be a for-pay upgrade - Discount coupons will be sent to registered users upon final release of version 4.0.

> System requirements

FoxTrot 4 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later, and an Intel Mac.

> Modernized result list

The result list has been modernized; it is more configurable, and can be
less wide, so more space can be used to preview found documents.

> Enhanced PDF support

* 100 % scale now takes into account the screen resolution.
* The "Zoom to Fit" toolbar button has been replaced by "Automatically
Resize", so the PDF document will be resized when resizing the window.

> Lion support

Supports Mac OS X 10.7's full screen mode.

> Performance optimizations

All applications and processes are now 64-bit.

> Third party applications

Added predefined indexable locations for Outlook 2011 and Evernote 3.

> Bug fixes

* The categorization list would sometimes show only the six most
common file types (PDF, Word Processing, HTML and so on), omitting
the "More..." option for displaying additional file types.
* fixed continuous disk access when an index file can't be found, in
certain circumstances.
* fixed a crash in certain circumstances, when optimizing the index.
* fixed a crash when the index size is larger than 4 GB.
* fixed a performance issue in certain circumstances.

============================================================ =============
Additional major enhancements for FoxTrot Pro and FoxTrot Search Server:
============================================================ =============

Excerpts and preview of offline documents

* An excerpt containing the found words in every found document can
now be shown directly in the result list, offering first-glance
search result preview. The indexed text is optionally stored, and is
compressed with very high efficiency.

* A plain text version of found documents can now be displayed, when
indexed files are located on an offline disk or file server. This
allows the indexing off masses of documents on a MacBook and
carrying around their plain text shadow, whose essential plain text
contents can be viewed when disconnected. If the source hard disk or
file server are mounted, the indexed document will appear instead of
the plain text representation.

Further enhanced PDF support

* Added a thumbnail view for PDF files. A badge shows the number of
occurrences for each searched word on each page, and thumbnails can
be sorted by relevance or by page number.

- END -
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