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[ANN] FoxTrot Search 7.5b1 available for public testing [message #1391] Sat, 02 April 2022 22:52
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Dear FoxTrot list members,

After several months of infrastructure work on our road to version 8, we would like to share with you the public beta of 7.5, an important milestone, to which you will find download links in the FoxTrot Search beta section of the downloads page.

Kindly supply us with feedback on this group or in an application-generated support case.

Thank you in advance.

The FoxTrot-Search team at CTM Development

Version 7.5b1 release notes

Important note

◦ Some new features of FoxTrot 7.5 require that you rebuild your index; if you do, you will need to rebuild it again if you switch back to FoxTrot 7.1.x or older. You can however use your current index without a rebuild to preserve compatibility with version 7.1.x, but then these new features won’t work. “Legacy index format” is shown in the “manage indices” window for indices that do not use the new index format.

New search features
◦ Added a new Spotlight attributes filter, to support any textual, numeric, boolean or date Spotlight attribute, in addition to the predefined set of Spotlight attributes that FoxTrot already supports.
◦ Display the value of the filtered Spotlight attribute, in the excerpts column, when using [then filter by Spotlight attribute].
◦ Displas the list of Spotlight attributes of the selected file in the preview header.
◦ Spotlight attributes specified as file system extended attributes (as opposed to being part of a file;s content) are now also indexed by FoxTrot.
Indexing improvements
◦ Added a contextual menu item to specify whether to use Xpdf or Spotlight’s metadata importer, to parse specific PDF documents.
◦ Added a command line to specify whether to use Gumbo or Spotlight’s metadata importer, to parse specific HTML documents.
◦ Added a command line preference to specify whether to use Gumbo or Spotlight’s metadata importer, to parse all HTML documents.
◦ When indexing PDF documents, words hyphenated across two lines (or across two pages) are now de-hyphenated.
◦ Added a hidden preference to index the file’s relative path instead of its parent folder name.
User interface improvements
◦ Added “go to previous / next file” menu items, to allow navigating more easily using the keyboard.
◦ The “reveal in Finder” contextual menu was empty for files that have been deleted, renamed or moved, instead of showing their original location.
Other improvements
◦ Improved progress information when syncing an index to FoxTrot Attaché.
◦ Improved upload to FoxTrot Attaché when using a shell script or an AppleScript.
◦ Upload to FoxTrot Attaché now supports SFTP, if you manually install an SSH key and use the built-in shell script.
Bug fixes
◦ Fixed a bug when using the | operator with a quoted string (for example: ["new york" | newyork] did not find any document).
◦ When toolbar buttons are displayed with text labels, the label could appear disabled when the button is enabled, and vice versa.
◦ Search history could miss recent searches, in case FoxTrot crashed or was forced to quit.
◦ Improved the drawing of certain file thumbnails.

Other notes
◦ FoxTrot 7.x is a paid upgrade for users of version 6 and earlier (free upgrade if you bought FoxTrot after March 1st, 2020). To download the demo of FoxTrot version 7.x without replacing your current version, please visit
◦ New minimum requirements for version 7.x: macOS 10.12 Sierra or later.
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