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foxtrot-search - Google Groups: Message Pending [{IKmZk4jy_5aVOSoCcWEwAQa71EW_RJeq0}] [message #151] Sun, 25 August 2013 17:05
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This is* probably* a configuration issue and not a missing function.

Because I have a laptop, iPhone and Mac Pro, it made sense to move certain
mailboxes to a centralized place so all of my mail clients could access
them; software licenses, for example.

I was looking for a license I KNEW I had, and the most recent version of
Foxtrot Search Professional 4.6b4 (1160) is configured to index my mail yet
it didn't find the message.

This opens the door to the following question:

How do I configure Foxtrot to look at and index everything I have in
iCloud? Documents, Mailboxes
(not just the imap account)

It seems reasonable to assume that I'm not the only person looking for this
functionality; nor am I the first to ask how to access the data. I hope.

If someone in the community has a solution, please pass it along,
otherwise, ATT CTM Development - do you have any suggestions?

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