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Robert White
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Registered: February 2017
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When I open the crawler logs it appears to be indexing various emails
(shows a long list of email type information). But the Indexer Log seems
to show that it keeps timing out. I have copied the last few lines below.

2017/02/17, 19:12:05 -0800: ### indexer busy; extending crawler timeout by
198 seconds ###
2017/02/17, 19:23:40 -0800: ### indexer busy; extending crawler timeout by
694 seconds ###
2017/02/17, 19:35:58 -0800: ### indexer busy; extending crawler timeout by
738 seconds ###
2017/02/17, 20:05:16 -0800: ### indexer busy; extending crawler timeout by
1758 seconds ###
2017/02/17, 20:30:36 -0800: ### indexer busy; extending crawler timeout by
1520 seconds ###

The index was created from a "predefined location" (Mail Icon) and in the
Manage Indexes panel does not allow you to go to an "indexed data" panel
and thus does not allow you to check for resource hogs. For reference, for
an index I created with some custom locations, the indexed data panel opens
and you can check for resource hogs.

In the Activity Monitor the CPU usage shows that FTProFileIndexer is using
consistently about 95% of CPU resources and when you click on the Disk tab
under the column Bytes Written it is up around 434.4 gigabytes.

I have attached two sample files from Activity Monitor. One is
FTProFileIndexer and the other is FoxTrot Indexer (Mail).

Hope all this helps pinpoint the problem. The indexing of regular folders
(e.g. docs, PDF and so forth) works fine. Only the mail indexer has this

On Friday, February 17, 2017 at 11:12:41 AM UTC-8, FoxTrot Engineering
> Robert White wrote:
>> I set up an index for Apple Mail using the predefined location. I have
> it
>> set to index content. It starts indexing OK (e.g. it moves along pretty
>> quickly) but then it starts to run slower and slower and eventually
> appears
>> to freeze. I let it run for two days and it still had not completed. I
> am
>> not sure how many email messages there are - probably close to 100,000.
> I
>> am not sure if there is something the User\Library\Mail folder that is
>> hanging it up. Any advice? Thanks
> You can open the indexer and crawler logs ("configuration" pane of the
> "manage indices" window, and check if anything interesting is being logged.
> You can open Activity Monitor, check if FoxTrot Indexer and/or FoxTrot
> Crawler is using a lot of CPU, then select these processes in the list, and
> "sample process"; send me the result file directly.
> You can also check "resource hogs" (at the bottom of the indexed
> locations, in the "indexed data" pane); in case some messages with large
> attachments are indexed as raw text (because of a problem in Mail's
> importer, or because of malformed messages), this could cause some
> performance problems in FoxTrot.
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