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Robert White
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Sorry for the long delay on getting back to the group on this issue. After
working extensively with FoxTrot (who provided great support) it appears
the problem is as follows.

Any MIME format email with no content will apparently effectively bring
FoxTrot Pro to a halt (or at least very, very, very long database updates).

Any MIME format email with content can be indexed but can slow down the
index updating as a result of a lot of long text strings in them.

I am not sure how I obtained so many MIME format emails with no content.
At some point I moved from Windows (and Outlook for Windows) to a Mac with
Apple Mail and Outlook for Mac. It was likely the result of "Moving"
emails from the Exchange Server folders under Outlook for Windows to the
Mac but it was a few years ago and I don't remember the steps I took.

Below is the email I sent to Foxtrot to tie off the issue:

I just wanted to close the loop with you on the status of this.

"I was able to find and isolate all MIME format emails with no content.
I deleted these.

I then isolated all MIMe format emails with content and moved them to a
separate folder under User\Library\Mail\V4. I then created an index for
this folder.

I updated all Indexes. They all updated - albeit the one with the MIME
format emails took awhile - I guess because it has emails with all those
very long text strings with what appear to be random characters.

So at this point all is working well. The only thing I think I should
avoid doing is updating the Index with the MIME format emails. Because
these tend to be very old emails, there doesn’t appear to be any reason
to update it. I think the issue was created when I moved from Outlook
to Apple Mail and in the process of transferring over some emails for
some reason they were converted to MIME format. These are emails that
were saved to my computer and don’t reside on a mail server anywhere.
At some point I will search for emails with the text “MIME” in all
folders other than this one I created just for MIME format emails to see
if any recent emails have that issue. If they do, then there is
something about moving emails from say the Inbox to a folder On My Mac.
Will let you know if I find anything of interest."

On Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 11:16:26 AM UTC-8, Robert White wrote:
> I set up an index for Apple Mail using the predefined location. I have it
> set to index content. It starts indexing OK (e.g. it moves along pretty
> quickly) but then it starts to run slower and slower and eventually appears
> to freeze. I let it run for two days and it still had not completed. I am
> not sure how many email messages there are - probably close to 100,000. I
> am not sure if there is something the User\Library\Mail folder that is
> hanging it up. Any advice? Thanks


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