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[ANN] FoxTrot Search version 6 public beta available for testing and reporting [message #522] Fri, 28 April 2017 10:33 Go to previous message
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[ANNOUNCEMENT] FoxTrot Search version 6 public beta available for testing and reporting

FoxTrot 6.0 beta 3 release notes

Welcome to the first public beta of FoxTrot Professional Search, FoxTrot Search Server and FoxTrot Personal Search.

One year in the making, this release is index-compatible with version 5.7 so you can run either alternatively without compromising your indices.

This release has been extensively tested in-house and we feel it is ripe for beta testing with our most dedicated users, which is why you are receiving this (as a member of the foxtrot-discuss Google group)

To download, please use either of the following links:

FoxTrot Professional Search: rch_60b3.dmg 

FoxTrot Personal Search: arch_60b3.dmg 

FoxTrot Search Server: server_60b3.dmg 

To contribute a report (strongly encouraged !) please use the following link: version-6.html 

Thank you,

The FoxTrot-search team
at CTM Development SA

What’s new in 6.0b3 (from version 5):

▾ Increased performance
optimized some operations when the index is stored on a rotational HDD
reduce file fragmentation
reduced memory usage when displaying some HTML or PDF files
Now built using Apple’s latest XCode version 8 compilers

▾ Feature enhancements
Added option to only index filenames when indexing contents
reduced the number of situations where the “manage indices” window is partially empty, when the indexer is busy
"copy path" added to the contextual menu (search results, indexed locations, black list)
show missing disk space when attempting manual compact and disk is almost full
file paths are now clickable with a popup menu to reveal in finder any parent folder
also display in the status bar the number of items found outside of the target folder, when searching only in a specific folder
allow drag-select to toggle multiple checkboxes (manage indices's file types)
added a button to rebuild an index, when it is not started

▾ Enhanced multi-user and client-server features and license management (FoxTrot Pro 5 user and above & FoxTrot Search Server)
Simplified the File Sharing integration to reduce the risk of having access only to document text instead of rich documents from mounted servers
Added the ability to use a custom certificate for authenticated connections
Implemented certificate trust management for authenticated connections. (now you know what the letters CTM stands for)
Updated to use a modern OpenSSL version
After 5 failed login attempts, FoxTrot delays logging in for 15s, then 30s, 60s etc
In Admin, allows selecting multiple users to delete them
Now allows drag-select to toggle multiple checkboxes (admin's sharing users)
Optionally, FoxTrot Server can now automatically install its registration code to logged-in FoxTrot Pro clients
Implemented better verification of simultaneous usage on multiple machines

▾ Code modernization
Implements modern windows (with no window title)
Modernized some icons and widgets
Now built using Apple’s latest XCode version 8 compilers
New minimum requirements: macOS 10.9 or later
removed dependency to deprecated QuickTime to preview video and audio files

▾ Better diagnostics
logged file exceptions include filenames
more detailed logging when in indexing is very slow
when processing a specific file takes longer than usual, the file name is now displayed in the “manage indices” progress.

▾ Synchronization of index files to iPad’s and iPhones running FoxTrot Attaché search
Added built-in Google drive support for maintaining up-to-date index archives from FoxTrot Pro or Server to iOS devices running FoxTrot Attaché Search

▾ Miscellaneous enhancements and other fixes
highlighting of [washington -"new york" boston] (no longer highlights occurrences of [new] or [york])
the index could stop responding when attempting to search for regular expressions on an index not configured to "store document textual contents"
an error message is now displayed when attempting to search for exact strings on an index not configured to "store document textual contents"
possible crash fixed on startup in certain circumstances
on macOS 10.11 and later, pinch-zooming would not work as expected
an "unregistered" dialog could appear when launching FoxTrot, when using regular expressions or exact matches



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