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[non-public ANN] 3.0b2 of FoxTrot Professional, Personal and Server versions [message #47] Sat, 28 August 2010 23:16
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attention: FoxTrot-discuss & FoxTrot-search Google group listmembers
as well as a select number of FoxTrot Professional and
Personal owners


Thank you all for the very useful and positive feedback received on 3.0
beta 1 of our FoxTrot Search products.

Over the past week, a number of things have been adjusted (not in the
disk image release notes yet) for version 3.0b2 / build 706, including:

- Fixed some cases of disappearing Admin panes in FoxTrot Professional
and FoxTrot Server admin when dealing with busy indices
- In other cases, local indexers had been failing to connect for
administration due and this has been fixed as well
- If an index was invalid and needed rebuilding, it quits cleanly and on
next launch the user is offered to reconstruct it
- Fixed the "Connection can't be established" issue sometimes occuring
on startup
- Corrected a newly introduced bug that afffected a FoxTrot-less Mac on
initial installation; as all of you already had indexed data, you hadn't
possibly been affected.
- Renamed the "Sources" menu in the toolbar to "Servers"
- When attempting to search with no selected index, we now report the
issue in clear text and after clicking OK we select all accessible
indices for searching
- Upon first launch, the Main index is now selected in the search
sources panes
- Since putting the Predefined locations in place, we had lost our first-
time indexing assistant; fixed.
- When first running FoxTrot 3 without previously having run FoxTrot 2
products, you could get a "Convert from FxoTrot version 2" dialog upon
skipping the assistant.

Kindly download to evaluate these versions (which expire 9/30/2010):

FoxTrot Personal Search

FoxTrot Professional Search:

FoxTrot Search Server

Please post your findings to the Google discussion group, FoxTrot-
discuss list or e-mail them directly to us. Remember that this is not
yet to be made available outside the FoxTrot community of users or
discussed in public - hence you will see nothing at this time on web
site. But we are soon approaching public beta, so time is of the essence !

On behalf of the whole team, thank you for your support and kind regards,

Chantal Favre
CTM Development SA
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