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Help us test FoxTrot Search 7's performance increases [message #946] Thu, 28 November 2019 21:58 Go to previous message
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Dear FoxTrot-Search customers,

Following many months of rewriting critical performance bottlenecks, we are pleased to release for testing to our group members FoxTrot version 7.0b2.
If you want to help us out, kindly do the following before upgrading to 7.0b2:

We initially only ask that you rebuild (not just update) one of your most commonly used index files with the existing version 6.6.3, and send us the indexer log file (which you can access from the Manage Indices window in Foxtrot Pro)

Ideally, this would be an index of a somewhat substantial size, one which would take 30 minutes or more to rebuild.

Please send the resulting logs NOT to this list, but instead to our support mail address by opening a Support case from the Help menu.

In the subject, after the case number, type the word PERFORMANCE, and we will track this afterwards.

Once this is done, you may proceed to download the FoxTrot Search 7.0 beta 2 seeds, depending on your interest, either:

FoxTrot Professional Search:

FoxTrot Search Server:

FoxTrot Personal Search:

To contribute a report (strongly encouraged !), please use the Help: Report menu, or if you find the issue worthy of other’s attention, use the discussion group. The first report should be a version 7 rebuild of the same index as above.


The FoxTrot-search team
at CTM Development SA

PS: As a motivational hint, depending on configurations, we have seen indexing performance increases ranging between 180% and 700% in version 7 !


FoxTrot Pro 7.0b2 release notes

▾ Performance improvements
• Much improved indexing time on multicore machines, especially when the index is stored on an SSD. This is however highly dependent on the type and size of the indexed files, and on the hardware configuration.
• 7.0b2 makes a smarter use of available processor cores when extracting indexable text.

▾ New search features
• [Pro] Added an “All items of type” criterion to find all indexed files of a given file type (or even all indexed files, regardless of their file type), without searching for any particular text string. This can also be used in conjunction with the filters, to perform advanced filename, date, or regular expression searches.
• Added a “filename extension” categorizer that can be used in addition to “item kind”.
• Added a visible / invisible categorizer.
▾ Other searching or indexing improvements
• Added more options to decide whether to index or not files in packages, applications and frameworks.
▾ User interface improvements
• Dark mode support (macOS 10.14 Mojave and later).
• [Pro] The proximity slider now shows a more precise tooltip.
• [Pro] When multiple search criterion fields are visible in the search window, empty ones are now always ignored (you previously had to remove unused ones).
• [Server] Added contextual menu to reset login info (username and password) for a given server, in FoxTrot Admin.
• Added a “Search…” menu item, with command-L shortcut, to move the keyboard focus to the search field.
• The contextual menu “reveal in finder” now shows the complete path as a submenu.
▾ Miscellaneous improvements
• Use a modern API for language identification on macOS 10.13 and later.
• Highlighting found occurrences did not work for documents created with recent versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote.
• Added a hidden preference to use the NaturalLanguage framework for language identification on macOS 10.14 and later (defaults write com.ctmdev.FoxTrot UseNaturalLanguageIdentification -bool YES). This is slower, but may be more accurate.
• [Pro / Server] More secure network encryption (TLS 1.3) for shared indices.
• Estimation of the remaining indexing time is now more reliable.
• Some files could previously be added to the blacklist, although they had made the extractor crash only once; some third-party extractors can crash randomly, even when processing valid files.
• Indexer log files now contain much less useless information.
▾ Bug fixes
• The indexer could become unresponsive, and could refuse to stop, when compacting a very large index stored on a hard drive.
▾ System requirements
• macOS 10.12 Sierra or later.


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